Father Fucks HIs REAL Daughter - Real Family Incest (Exclusive First Time With Subtitles) Part 2 Part 1

Duration: 31:11 Views: 613 Submitted: 3 months ago
Description: This is a hugely popular, real incest video series. I have always wondered what was being spoken about on the three vids I have of this family, so last week I paid a guy to translate and add subs.

Proof provided in both this and the previous two uploads.

(Original Description)
In this video the focus lies on the father fucking the daughter in various positions. There is little interaction between the daughter and mother (if thats your thing, then check the other vid from this family). The video starts of with an interview with the family, and then they kiss and undress each other. There is some licking, (double) fingering the mom and daughter and bj's in the beginning, but mainly vanilla fucking (missionary, doggy (reverse) cowgirl) ending in a cumshot over the mother and daughter. The video ends with another interview. It's not the best video i'v seen, but i don't think you can get any closer to the real deal!