[Taboo-Fantasy] Allison's Family Album Vol 2 1080p Part 1

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Description: [Taboo-Fantasy] Allison's Family Album Vol 2 1080p


This horny Teenage girl has discovered the joys of sex!! She is such a horny teenager...she will fuck anybody, and everybody!! Including her own Family members!! Included in this Family Fuckathon are full HD versions of : "Grounded & Horny" "Sex-Ed With My Step-Sister" " To Rest With My Step-Sister" & "The Punishment".

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Scene One: Allison is planning a special evening with her boyfriend. She is REALLY horny....so, she thought it would be a cool idea to make a potent drink for her boyfriend....containing a whopping FIVE Viagra pills!!! Allison wants him to pound the fuck out of her all night long!! Allison makes the lethal drink, and puts it in the refrigerator, while she waits for her boyfriend to get off work. About 20 minutes later....Step-Dad Accidentally stumbles across the blue drink in the fridge....and....presuming it's "blueberry juice"...Step-Dad drinks down the entire thing!! Shortly thereafter, step-dad starts to feel "funny". HORNY actually. Extremely HORNY!! Allison discovers that her powerful drink has been accidentally consumed by her step-dad....and panic stricken....she calls Step-Mom to find out what they should do about the emergency situation! Step-Mom tells Allison that she must use her hand to masturbate Step-Dad to relieve the painful erection. Allison is horrified...but, since she know the predicament is her fault....she reluctantly begins to stroke Step-Daddy's cock...trying to release the tension. After a few minutes...Step-Dad doesn't think he can finish from just Allison's hand...so Allison calls Step-Mom back. Step-Mom tells her that she must put Step-Dad's cock in her mouth....AND....in her cunt!! Allison obeys Step-Mom's orders....and starts sucking Step-Daddy's cock. Once it is nice and wet....Step-Dad gets on top of his naughty teenage Step-Daughter...and literally pounds the stuffing out of her, until he finally explodes, covering the teen with sperm. Finally, the erection has subsided. WOW!!

Scene Two: It's a rainy day, and Siblings Allison and Josh are home alone....absolutely bored to tears. They decide to pass the time by playing a board game. After examining the game choices....they pick Battleship to play. Allison figures the game will be more interesting if they make a friendly wager. However, it turns out, Josh spent his allowance already, buying comic books...and Allison spent her allowance buying some cute shoes. With no money to bet....Allison suggests they play "Strip Battleship"...since the only "currency" either has, is their clothing. Josh agrees to the idea...and they begin to play. After a long, well fought Battle...Josh ultimately wins...and Allison must Strip off her last piece of clothing. Josh taunts her.....the way Siblings will do...but now it is still raining outside....Allison is totally naked....Josh is mostly naked....so....nature seems to take it's course....and the two teenage Siblings screw each pother's brains out!! Allison ends up getting TOTALLY soaked in Josh's cum!! In her hair. On her face. All over her ass and back. All over the sofa!! What a teenage semenfest!!

Scene Three: When Josh gets home from school, and goes into the Living Room...he sees Allison's backpack. There is a piece of paper sticking out of one of the pockets....and curiosity overcomes Josh, and he takes a look at it. It turns out to be Allison's Report Card!! To Josh's amusement and delight....he sees that Allison has 2 Ds and an F on her Report Card!! When Allison gets home...Josh shows her his finding. Allison demands to have the Report Card given back to her...she knows that their Parents will ground her if they find out. Josh, however, has different ideas!! Josh refuses to give the Report Card back to Allison....without her paying a "price"! This is TOTAL Blackmail!!! Josh demands that Allison serve him over the next three days. Bu "serve"....Josh wants...a Handjob the first day. A Blowjob the second day...and on the third day...he wants to Fuck her!! Allison has no choice but to reluctantly agree to his sick, twisted, perverted Blackmail demands. So...Allison follows Josh to his room....and jerks him off. The next day...Allison goes to his room and sucks him off. On the third day....a grumpy Allison goes to Josh's room....and horrifically....lets her Step-Brother fuck, humiliate, and her!!! After screwing her silly....Josh, as promised....gives Allison her poor Report Card.