Tatum Christine - Hot And Sweaty For Daddy [x265]1080p Part 1

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Description: Hot & Sweaty for Daddy by Tatum Christine

Hot and Sweaty for Daddy
Tatum Christine
American /California
18:32 min - Nov 16 - .MKV - 272 MB - 1920x1080 HD

Daddy Roleplay, Daddys Girl, Kink, Role Play, Taboo

"I spent all day cleaning and setting up for our pool party. I got so hot and sweaty and since all the neighbors will be here soon, I want to tell daddy I'm all finished so I can get ready... can't find him anywhere so I go to room to get ready anyways. It's been such a long day I just want to masturbate before everyone gets here. I start to touch myself and then I realize daddy is hiding in my room!!! Holding my dirty panties from yesterday! I ask him why he's holding them... and why is he in my room like that? Every one is about to be here and you have an erection!!! I know exactly what to do!"

Tatum Christine (aka Lil Olivia) is hot and blonde in this one. She looks as fit and athletic as ever and role-plays a daddy/daughter incest scene. Tatum is helping her family set up for a party they're going to have and when she's finished she looks amazing as her body glistens with sweat. She can't find her father and heads to her bedroom to get ready for the party. Once she closes the door to her room she decides to masturbate before the guests arrive to help her relax. Dressed in a white tank top that doesn't cover her perfect stomach, along with short denim shorts, white stockings and her hair in pigtails, Tatum removes the shorts and her panties revealing her beautiful bald pussy. She begins playing with herself while still standing for just a few moments before she notices her dad spying on his own daughter. Shocked, Tatum then realizes that her dad is holding something, it's her panties, not just her panties but the dirty ones she wore yesterday. With a look of disgust and disbelief she questions her father, mockingly asking if he'd also like the dirty socks she's been wearing today, promising him that she was sweating a lot while helping setup for the party and knowing the sick pervert would probably enjoy that. It's then that Tatum notices daddy has an erection and with the party starting soon, that's got to go. She knows what she has to do, it's her duty to help her perverted dad get rid of the boner before anyone arrives and notices. With limited time she gets to work, dropping to her knees to suck daddy's dick. A few minutes go by and he still hasn't cum, she needs to go further before someone sees. Tatum turns around in a standing reverse cowgirl and squats down onto her own father's cock. This amazingly fit daughter shows off her spectacular bubble butt and bounces up and down on that dick, she also shows off her skills by showing her daddy how well she can shake and twerk that beautiful butt of hers. Tatum feels daddy pulsing inside her and drops back down to her knees to finish him off and saves her dad some embarrassment by taking his cum into her mouth and spilling out on her chin. Like the majority of Tatum Christine's videos, this is a solo video filmed to make it look like two people fucking. This one is also shot in POV to make the viewer see through the eyes of her father. She uses a squirting cock to produce the fake cum at the end, but it's not really a cum shot, it's more like she's putting on cum makeup with a dildo. If you're into this kind of taboo content then I'd recommend the scene, while she skimps a little on the believability of the cum shot, the rest looks great. It's especially hot if you're into the toned/athletic female form and/or a great bubble butt with some honest talent when it comes to shaking and twerking it.

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